Online Mindful Life Coaching

Fine Tune To Your Mindset For True Happiness

Discover simple, proven Mindfulness, Breathing and Meditation practices to bring peace, calmness and clarity into your life.


My goal is to offer simple yet powerful Mindfulness practices and tools that are tailored to your personal needs through live online one-to-one sessions. I will develop a unique coaching plan based on your personal goals. Teaching is not based on pre-recorded videos or audio lessons, every class is live and each session is tailor-made after assessing your progress.

Learn Mindfulness and Meditation from the comfort of your home at a time suitable for you. Online coaching can be organised in the early morning, during the day or in the evening on weekdays and weekends.

Investing in Matagi Mundax Online Mindful Life Coaching will be one of the most empowering and life-changing steps you will ever take. Empower your life through present moment awareness and mindful living.


Online Programme :   4 or 8 one-hour live one-to-one Skype / Zoom video coaching sessions. I will develop a unique coaching plan based on your personal needs after the free one-hour consultation. This programme is not based on pre-recorded videos or audio lessons. Every class is live and one-to-one.

Shorter and longer duration programmes are available to suit your personal needs.

Money-back guarantee: If you attend any of Matagi Mundax programmes and you are not satisfied with the service or feel you haven’t got any benefit from the coaching I will refund you 100% of the fee.

Scientific studies suggest that our thoughts, emotions and life experience can influence our health.

The practice of mindfulness can bolster our immune system, regulate emotions under stress, relieve chronic pain and disease.  Tap the power of mindfulness to alleviate stress, anxiety and pain.

Mindfulness, Breathing and  Meditation practices not only helps to protect us against illness, but it also enhances our physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

We can learn practices that facilitate an optimal mind body state in which healing can occur. Transform your experience of stress, illness and pain and open up greater levels of comfort, ease and joy.

I am a cancer survivor. Mindfulness, Breathing and Meditation practices helped me to cope with stress and pain during this challenging period of time. I use my own experience to help people with serious illness to walk through their healing journey.

Path To Happiness

Discover who we really are through self-inquiry, dialogue and meditation. That is, the part of us which is Real and never changing. This is about waking up, being fully alive, and being present for the richness of each moment of our lives. Within this awakening, we gain access to our deepest inner resources for living, healing, and coping with stress.

Happiness is knowing your true self.

You are the source of Happiness. Stop searching for it anywhere else. The key to happiness is discovering your true self.

Mindfulness is all you need to change your life for better

Nearly all people who are extremely successful, as well as most professional athletes, use mindfulness because study after study have shown that mindfulness increases mental clarity, reduces stress, and has powerful health benefits, including improving sleep, increased energy, and an improved immune system.

– Decrease stress. Help to skillfully respond to stress.

– Increase emotion regulation and self-control.

– Decrease anxiety, depression, worry, and rumination.

– Improve sleep quality.

– Quieting down of the continuous mind chatter.

– Feeling more connected to all living things, with more love.

– Improve focus, creativity and performance.

– Stronger relationships, connectedness and communication.

– Help to form mindset for personal and professional success.

– Enhance achievement in students, due to improved ability to focus.


My wife Aggie and I taught the wisdom of mindfulness meditation and mindful yoga  for ten years in our residential retreat and conducted workshops in Europe. Please, visit our Facebook page to read about our work in New Zealand and Europe. Our retreat participant’s comments from all around the world are available on the Tripadvisor page.

I have worked for 12 years in the IT/Finance industry in Auckland and have the first-hand experience of stress in the workplace. Through Matagi Mundax Mindfulness programmes I give tools to cope with stress and to achieve work-life balance, true happiness and inner peace.

You may wonder if mindfulness coaching is for you.

Contact me to schedule a free, no pressure exploratory session.