Read what clients say about how their lives were changed with me as their Mindfulness Coach

"Mathew’s insight and wisdom have provided me with a true understanding of Mindful living. As a psychologist, I am using the insight gained in our sessions with my clients. Mathew is guiding me to the joy of being present. My clients benefit as well, as I share his wisdom with them. I highly recommend his sessions to all who want to know the art of living in the present." Rosa, USA
“Mathew is like a wise brother and a friend. My wife and I feel very relaxed in his company – on the internet it is almost like he is in the room with us. What impresses me most is his sincerity, his honesty and his desire to guide us in the way he believes suits us best. This is no formulaic coaching. He understands that each student is different and what works for one, may not work for another. We very much feel that we are individuals and that Mathew talks to us as such.What I particularly like is that Mathew constantly reminds us that mindfulness is not something that is confined to the meditation mat, but a way of being that we should try to incorporate into our daily life and routine – to be present, to be in the here and now in whatever we do.” Henry, Portugal
“Mathew’s calm manner and insightful discussions have overtime helped me to focus on a mindful approach to living.” Lynn, New Zealand
“Mathew is one of the most loving and caring person that can guide you not only with practical mindfulness-exercises and helpful stories from true life but also has a spiritual gift that he´s willingly sharing with you. I have had good help and many insights through our skype-sessions.” Marie, Sweden
“Mathew’s mindfulness coaching is a truly life-changing experience… He helped me to see the world in a different way, start my journey to find my inner self and think differently, especially when I was in a place I really needed to. I would recommend it 100%.” Josephine, France
“In a complex phase of my life, I looked for sites with information on mindfulness. I discovered Mathew in this research that promotes online mindfulness coaching.It has been a very positive experience and important help in living in full consciousness in the present moment (without disturbing the thoughts of the past or the future) and how to achieve emotional balance in our life and inner peace with various exercises that we are practicing during the day, as directed by Mathew. A very important contribution to our mental health.” Ana, Portugal
“I love Matthew’s teaching and have thoroughly enjoyed his retreats, workshops and classes. It was a transformative and immersive experience with yoga, meditation and philosophical discussion. I highly recommend his workshops.” Vikram, London